1440 Multiversity

Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems

Scotts Valley, CA

Signage to reflect the spirit of a retreat focusing on experiential learning and immersion.

1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz County, California, offers teachable skills for better living and focuses on guests seeking refreshment, focus and inspiration.  Shannon Leigh partnered with the founders of 1440 Multiversity to create placemaking through environmental graphic design, exterior and interior signage and wayfinding that complemented craftsman-style buildings set in the redwoods of Scotts Valley.

Shannon Leigh’s design integrated campus branding and the client’s unwavering dedication to authenticity while focusing on the visitor experience. Wayfinding was thoughtfully minimized to honor the forest setting, allowing guests to easily find their way from lodging to classrooms to amenities.  The signage design focused on simplicity and clarity, while embracing the natural setting.