Making A Difference In Our Community

We at Shannon Leigh truly care about our community and are always working to extend our business motto to our passion for philanthropy.


On Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, the team at Shannon Leigh Associates volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul’s luncheon, where we to set up the dining space, made & served food to the homeless, assisted diners during the meal, and cleaned up after lunch.


Established in 1938, the St. Vincent de Paul Council of Alameda strives to provide assistance for those in need. Their building operates as a shelter for the homeless at night and turns into a dining space in the day to serve the hungry with hot meals.


For the lunch, we helped prepare biscuits and gravy, an egg scramble, pastries, and fresh fruits.   

We take a lot of things we have for granted today: the clothes we wear, the roof over our heads, and the food we eat, just to name a few. When we give back to our community, we remind ourselves that it’s about a lot more than just ourselves.

Shannon Hackley Recognized by City for Bringing Two New Businesses Downtown

Shannon Hackley (far left), owner of Shannon Leigh and Station SL,  was acknowledged as one of the many vibrant small businesses revitalizing Downtown San Leandro.

Shannon's newest venture is Station SL, San Leandro's first downtown, community-based coworking space.

April 2nd, Mayor Pauline Cutter and Katie Bowman (Economic Development Manager) of San Leandro introduced Shannon and other entrepreneurs as a lead up to National Small Business Week, April 29 to May 5th. 



Get A Free Tour of Station SL!

Come by and tour Station SL at 1455 Hays Street, San Leandro, Where Creativity Happens. 

Coworking Memberships & Private Office Suites Available!  Opens May 1, 2018!

Book your visit by emailing us at

To Create Something New, Sometimes You Need To Make Space

Part of creating something new is making the space for the thing you want to build.  We want to create a new design space, so the first step in creating our new office space was demolishing it. 

demo inside.png
small demo man.png

Demolition started on September 11th, 2017. The building was like a series of time capsules in building materials.  Built in the 1950s, it started as a Prudential Insurance office.  Then in 1957, it became Robert’s Awards, affectionately and locally known as “The Trophy Shop”.  The building was a maze of small offices and a photography studio.  Mid-century pink tile, wood paneling, trendy 1970s commercial carpeting…all were removed to start the process of stepping into the 21st Century. 

Once the demolition was completed, we moved to the next phase: building the new design space, including offices and a great coworking environment. 

We collaborated with architect Nathaniel Muhler of WIT Studio, who came up with a spacious and clever plan for our new home.  Plans were submitted to the city and approved for permits. 

floorplan cropped.png

Next, we picked the best general contractor ever, Dave Weaver of Commercial Maintenance & Renovation, Inc.  We also partnered up Tech Ambassadors for our technology needs.       



So, we’re almost done and getting ready to move in.  The furniture is being assembled, desks are being packed, and the excitement is building. 

Private office.jpg

12 Floors polished concrete.jpg

We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us build this amazing new space.  Stay tuned…it’s almost time for the grand reveal!  We move in next week!

Shannon Leigh Expands into Sacramento!

Our projects in the Sacramento area are growing and so are we. 

We’ve just expanded our Sacramento Office.  We're excited to announce that we have hired talented new staff and moved our Sacramento digs to a larger, more centralized office in North Sacramento!

Welcome to our new project coordinators, Leigh Miller and Merriam Yunus.  We’ve moved to a cool new studio at 5250 Date Avenue in Sacramento. 

To celebrate, our entire team went up to break in the space with a presentation with one of our vendor partners. 

team photo.jpg


With our Bay Area and Sacramento branches, our team is ready to take on new placemaking projects with even more passion!


Our new Sacramento Office Address:

Shannon Leigh

5250 Date Avenue, Suite L

Sacramento, CA 95841



If you are looking for design consulting in the SF Bay Area, you can find us at: 

Shannon Leigh

1455 Hays Street

San Leandro, CA 94577  



Setting the vibe for a creative new design space in downtown San Leandro

Once upon a time Shannon had a dream…a dream for creating a design space in San Leandro.  And with a little luck and a lot of determination, she found a place perfectly situated in Downtown San Leandro. 

Now that the shock of having bought a building is wearing off, we are starting the process of creating a vibrant design hub to share with Shannon Leigh, and the San Leandro community, which is our home town. 

We planned a party to thank contributors and ignite our creative team to help build the vision for a new design center in San Leandro before interior demolition started.

 Architect Nathaniel from WIT Studio discussing options with Kellie from DIRTT

Architect Nathaniel from WIT Studio discussing options with Kellie from DIRTT

 Former intern checking out the new plans

Former intern checking out the new plans

 Garry and Terry join the fun

Garry and Terry join the fun

 Pizza for everyone!

Pizza for everyone!

 Angele looking at the concepts for the space

Angele looking at the concepts for the space

Of course, there was also food and music and a lot of laughter

We wanted to do something a little different than the usual ground breaking ceremony. Because creativity is a passion, we knew we needed to do something that let the creative juices flow.


Remember when you were a little kid and were told to not draw on the walls? 

 Tom Limon (Great Commercial Broker), his fabulous wife Christy Johnson-Limon and genius daughter got to draw on the walls!  

Tom Limon (Great Commercial Broker), his fabulous wife Christy Johnson-Limon and genius daughter got to draw on the walls!  

The party guests were armed with paints and markers and spray cans…

 Ren leaving her mark

Ren leaving her mark

 Nicole from Chamber of Commerce joined the fun.

Nicole from Chamber of Commerce joined the fun.

 Jake joined the designs

Jake joined the designs

 Brett Ellis!  Designer Ninja

Brett Ellis!

Designer Ninja

 Ren Ellis-  Illustrator joined the free form and set a higher bar.

Ren Ellis-  Illustrator joined the free form and set a higher bar.

 We had a sacrificial office space for sledgehammering… Shannon took the first swing

We had a sacrificial office space for sledgehammering… Shannon took the first swing

 Mickey showing girls have power

Mickey showing girls have power

 Beth taking a swing

Beth taking a swing

 Luis making contact

Luis making contact

 Margo having too much fun

Margo having too much fun

 Chris Fato - Designer and Demo Warrior

Chris Fato - Designer and Demo Warrior

We also encouraged our guests to be painted! We hired Barbara from to paint our guests...Wow, it was a hit!

 Barbara applying henna to Shereen

Barbara applying henna to Shereen

 Beth's glitter and henna

Beth's glitter and henna


We want to thank our friends and supporters who have played a part in make this dream a reality.  We wouldn’t be here without you!


Shazam! Shannon Leigh Bought A Building!!

Shannon Hackley bought a 4000 sq ft building to move Shannon Leigh into… right here in San Leandro!


(Smelling salts applied…)

Yes, we’re in shock.  We can hardly believe it.  It’s a dream that is coming true.  You can’t imagine how excited we are! 

The building is located at 1455 Hays Street in San Leandro, the old site of Robert’s Awards.  It’s a vintage mid-century office and it’s located in the heart of the very vibrant downtown! 

1455 site.jpg

The previous owner, Robert’s Awards, started off specializing in bowling trophies, but it then became the place where the community purchased awards and plaques for sports teams and to commemorate events.  Odds are that if you received an award for being on a sports team in San Leandro, it came from Robert’s Awards. 

1455 elevation.jpg

This summer Shannon Hackley discovered this opportunity and bought it from the Robert’s family.  We were drawn by the building’s location in downtown San Leandro – a definite bonus for our team who live mostly in the East Bay.  It doesn’t hurt to be an 8 minute walk from Shannon’s home, a 1 minute walk to BART, and it has PARKING!

We were also touched by the way the owners had become so woven into the community.  We want to continue that legacy.

HIstoric 1455 Hayes Floor Plan.jpg

There is so much ahead. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to grow in San Leandro.  We’ve got so many plans and we’re looking forward to creating a new design focused center in our own home town where the Community can celebrate Design and San Leandro. 

Demolition of the interior has begun and we are planning to occupy by the end of the year!

SLA banner.jpg

The Shannon Leigh Family is Growing

Our Family Is Growing…


You spend so much time with the people you work with, that it seems like they are family.  We are especially lucky to have some really great people on our team.  So… we’d like to announce the three latest additions to the Shannon Leigh family.


Tauz Hall is an enthusiastic addition to the group.  He comes to us from UC Davis Health System and will be helping us to coordinate our efforts on projects in the Sacramento office.  His background is in customer service and graphic arts.  Tauz likes to focus on the positive while problem solving and dig deep to focus on the visitor’s experience when he is working on a project.  Another graphics geek, he brings a fresh design eye to our project management team.






Little Rob.png

Rob Cardoso joins us with 20 years of experience in wayfinding and environmental graphic design. He’s worked on small and large projects, domestic and internation!  He’s got an eye for high level design and brings that sense of detail to our team’s art department. But in case you think he is all-work-no-play, we’d like to point out that he also has a background in music and film and animation.  We’re looking forward to his input on not only projects, but also tweaking our collaborative processes to create more innovative signage projects. 





Suzie Gilliam has spent 20 years in property and facilities management for large corporations (Stanford and Oracle…) and is bringing her experience to us.  She loves working on large projects and managing the details.  She is adept at listening to her clients and creating lasting relationships, something she’s learned from the various projects she’s managed over the years. She’s quite the dynamo and it’s been fun getting to know her. 


All three of these folks have started to settle in and even participated in impromptu nerf ball battles.  Yes, they’re going to fit in just fine!


Where Did the Summer Go? Saying goodbye to our interns.

This summer we had two summer interns in our San Leandro office.  This year we welcomed Anjelika Pineda and Abraham Lopez from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce and San Leandro Unified School District Summer Intern Program.  Both Anjelika and Abraham were graduating seniors at San Leandro High School, and both are products of the San Leandro Academy of Multimedia and graphic arts classes. 

 Abraham working on photo library project

Abraham working on photo library project

They worked with us on organizing our materials library, learning about environmental graphic design, and being part of a team in a business setting.  They sat in on staff meetings, sorted through project documents and precedent photos, ran errands, visited project sites, and learned about vendor presentations.  Talk about throwing them into the deep end of the pool!

 Anjelika organizing a project file

Anjelika organizing a project file

August 17th was their last day with us and we sent them off with tips on how to navigate their first year at college.  Both Anjelika and Abraham will be attending San Francisco State University this fall and we wish them all the success in the world!

Shannon Leigh is committed to working with local youth and hiring summer interns is one of the ways we connect with our community.  If you are a small or large business, we strongly encourage you to support your local youth by participating in internship programs.  Call your local school district or Regional Occupational Program (ROP) for more information.

 Graphic design for window applique. 

Graphic design for window applique. 

We’re Open for Business in Sacramento!

Shannon Leigh opened a Sacramento Branch in Roseville this week! The new office is at 1100 Melody Lane, Suite 222, in Roseville.  We’re excited to have this new office to support our Northern California clients.  We’re also looking for talented professionals to join Rowena Reyes in Roseville.  If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity to join a passionate team of wayfinders, contact us!


Spring Celebrations!

This spring has been a busy time to celebrate the awesome team we have. 

We started in April with Luis’s first year anniversary.  He started as an intern with us as a high school senior.  Luis just finished his freshman year as a college student.  He’s come a long way in a year and the future is bright. 


Next up was Shereen’s birthday.  We started a new tradition of decorating desk spaces because of her.  Can you tell the woman likes pink?   

Rowena’s birthday and hire anniversaryare just weeks apart.  She’s been with Shannon Leigh from the beginning.  She’s hard to catch on film, but we did it!

We also celebrated Margo’s birthday.  She’s an animal lover (she volunteers as local animal shelters regularly), so we decorated her space with animal themed goodies.  Elephants, seals, monkeys, and, cats, oh my!

 Another milestone for the team was congratulating Chris on his first anniversary.  A year ago, he drove across from Chicago in 3 days to join us.  We’re very happy he did.  We’re looking forward to learning more Midwest-isms from him and teaching him about the secrets of the Bay Area.     

Shannon also has been busy this spring.  She’s been active in the Chamber of Commerce, speaking at local high school career days, volunteering, and earning business travel points.  Where in the world is she this week?  Cabo San Lucas? Oakland?  Sacramento? Rapid City? Calgary? 

Finishing the climbing of 47 flights of stairs.

Consulting in Rapid City, SD

And the most recent spring growth has been hiring another designer for the Art Department.  Welcome to Brett!  He’s bringing some cool digital skills and upping the team’s ability to quote lines from movies.

Spring growth is great! Can’t wait to see what the summer brings us!