Spring Celebrations!

This spring has been a busy time to celebrate the awesome team we have. 

We started in April with Luis’s first year anniversary.  He started as an intern with us as a high school senior.  Luis just finished his freshman year as a college student.  He’s come a long way in a year and the future is bright. 


Next up was Shereen’s birthday.  We started a new tradition of decorating desk spaces because of her.  Can you tell the woman likes pink?   

Rowena’s birthday and hire anniversaryare just weeks apart.  She’s been with Shannon Leigh from the beginning.  She’s hard to catch on film, but we did it!

We also celebrated Margo’s birthday.  She’s an animal lover (she volunteers as local animal shelters regularly), so we decorated her space with animal themed goodies.  Elephants, seals, monkeys, and, cats, oh my!

 Another milestone for the team was congratulating Chris on his first anniversary.  A year ago, he drove across from Chicago in 3 days to join us.  We’re very happy he did.  We’re looking forward to learning more Midwest-isms from him and teaching him about the secrets of the Bay Area.     

Shannon also has been busy this spring.  She’s been active in the Chamber of Commerce, speaking at local high school career days, volunteering, and earning business travel points.  Where in the world is she this week?  Cabo San Lucas? Oakland?  Sacramento? Rapid City? Calgary? 

Finishing the climbing of 47 flights of stairs.

Consulting in Rapid City, SD

And the most recent spring growth has been hiring another designer for the Art Department.  Welcome to Brett!  He’s bringing some cool digital skills and upping the team’s ability to quote lines from movies.

Spring growth is great! Can’t wait to see what the summer brings us!