Shazam! Shannon Leigh Bought A Building!!

Shannon Hackley bought a 4000 sq ft building to move Shannon Leigh into… right here in San Leandro!


(Smelling salts applied…)

Yes, we’re in shock.  We can hardly believe it.  It’s a dream that is coming true.  You can’t imagine how excited we are! 

The building is located at 1455 Hays Street in San Leandro, the old site of Robert’s Awards.  It’s a vintage mid-century office and it’s located in the heart of the very vibrant downtown! 

1455 site.jpg

The previous owner, Robert’s Awards, started off specializing in bowling trophies, but it then became the place where the community purchased awards and plaques for sports teams and to commemorate events.  Odds are that if you received an award for being on a sports team in San Leandro, it came from Robert’s Awards. 

1455 elevation.jpg

This summer Shannon Hackley discovered this opportunity and bought it from the Robert’s family.  We were drawn by the building’s location in downtown San Leandro – a definite bonus for our team who live mostly in the East Bay.  It doesn’t hurt to be an 8 minute walk from Shannon’s home, a 1 minute walk to BART, and it has PARKING!

We were also touched by the way the owners had become so woven into the community.  We want to continue that legacy.

HIstoric 1455 Hayes Floor Plan.jpg

There is so much ahead. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to grow in San Leandro.  We’ve got so many plans and we’re looking forward to creating a new design focused center in our own home town where the Community can celebrate Design and San Leandro. 

Demolition of the interior has begun and we are planning to occupy by the end of the year!

SLA banner.jpg