To Create Something New, Sometimes You Need To Make Space

Part of creating something new is making the space for the thing you want to build.  We want to create a new design space, so the first step in creating our new office space was demolishing it. 

demo inside.png
small demo man.png

Demolition started on September 11th, 2017. The building was like a series of time capsules in building materials.  Built in the 1950s, it started as a Prudential Insurance office.  Then in 1957, it became Robert’s Awards, affectionately and locally known as “The Trophy Shop”.  The building was a maze of small offices and a photography studio.  Mid-century pink tile, wood paneling, trendy 1970s commercial carpeting…all were removed to start the process of stepping into the 21st Century. 

Once the demolition was completed, we moved to the next phase: building the new design space, including offices and a great coworking environment. 

We collaborated with architect Nathaniel Muhler of WIT Studio, who came up with a spacious and clever plan for our new home.  Plans were submitted to the city and approved for permits. 

floorplan cropped.png

Next, we picked the best general contractor ever, Dave Weaver of Commercial Maintenance & Renovation, Inc.  We also partnered up Tech Ambassadors for our technology needs.       



So, we’re almost done and getting ready to move in.  The furniture is being assembled, desks are being packed, and the excitement is building. 

Private office.jpg

12 Floors polished concrete.jpg

We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us build this amazing new space.  Stay tuned…it’s almost time for the grand reveal!  We move in next week!