Senior Designer & Digital Manager

Brett brings a broad experience of signage design, marketing display and digital environmental graphics to Shannon Leigh. Over the last 19 years, he has worked on multiple teams focusing on visitor experience projects, ranging from commercial settings to tradeshows to campaign headquarters. He has extensive experience designing and implementing environmental wayfinding signage and branding programs, coordinating and managing budgets for projects from concept to installation. Brett’s collaboration expertise, working with clients, designers, vendors, and contractors, allows him to focus on the creative aspects of projects. Brett has a BA from the Brooks Institute, focusing on motion picture arts, photography, and graphic design.

“Owning projects, whether they be print, digital, or environmental, has been the primary focus of my work. I take a hands-on, elbow deep approach to everything I do. I believe that collaboration, focus, and above all constructive conversations are important ingredients for successful projects.”


  • Design Development & Project Management

  • Digital Technology, Including Video, Animation & Motion Graphic Design

  • Team Building & Training

  • Control Systems Design & Programming



Brett loves spending time with his wife and creating 3-D models of historical architecture.  He also is an active volunteer with community radio here in the Bay Area.   An avid fan of Japanese culture, Brett knows the best places to find sushi and poke, as well as the Bushido Code of Honor. He can also quote favorite lines from many cult movie classics if you want to have a teammate for a trivia competition.

  • Favorite Color: Deep Burgundy Red

  • Favorite books: God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens, Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov, Dune Series by Frank Herbert, Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell

  • Favorite TV shows: Star Trek, TNG, Voyager, Game of Thrones, West Wing, Real Time with Bill Maher

  • Favorite Movies: Star Wars, well told Sci-Fi, political thrillers

  • Favorite songs/music: Dave Matthews Band, Groove Armada, Disturbed, and many points in between