Project | Operations Manager

Kacey brings deep problem-solving skills to all her user experiences and wayfinding projects. Collaboration and communication skills enable her to aid clients and lead projects in an efficient and expeditious manner. She applies analytical skills and an innate sense of design to improving the guest’s journey. Kacey received her Bachelor of Arts in Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis and a Master of Public Policy degree from Mills College in Oakland, CA.

“I love overseeing the installation process when a design is completed and seeing that every little detail is accounted for.”


  • Accessibility in graphics and wayfinding
  • California planning and development policy
  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Organizational development



When not finding efficiencies at Shannon Leigh, Kacey loves traveling, good food, and her dog, Stella Luna.

  • Favorite color: Teal
  • Favorite book: The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk
  • Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation
  • Favorite band: Fleetwood Mac
  • Favorite song: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac