Project Coordinator

After working in in print media and IT, Leigh joined an architecture firm and learned about the signage and wayfinding field. Fascinated by wayfinding, Leigh enjoys designing finished, polished spaces and moving people through them fluidly.  Leigh believes that wayfinding in healthcare spaces is important to help create spaces for visitors that is comforting at a time of difficulty or anxiety.  Leigh’s experience in healthcare projects has ranged from large Cancer Centers, to regional hospitals and medical office buildings, to small family practices in remote areas in Northern California.

Project coordination goes hand in hand with the design aspect of wayfinding projects, and Leigh enjoys the process of setting the goals to guide a project’s progress and getting to the end product that fulfills the client’s vision.  Leigh holds a multidisciplinary degree, with an emphasis on art history and digital design.

 “I love working through the psychology of wayfinding…how when you move through a space where you are inclined to go and what stimulates you…for example how something painted in a bright color attracts the eye and signals someone to move through and explore a space.”


  • Schematic and phase-based wayfinding design
  • Project coordination, setting timelines for projects from kickoff through project punchlist and completion
  • Layout and graphic design
  • Translating architectural ideas and elements into wayfinding and signage
  • Digital design and IT



A true native Californian, Leigh was born in Novato and grew up in San Jose when it still had orchards, but is now a resident of the Sacramento area.  Leigh enjoys old things: art history, old houses, antiques.  She’s also a surfer (at Cowell’s Cove especially), a downhill skier (Kirkwood is her favorite), and world traveler (Paris and New Orleans, of course). When Leigh’s at home she loves gardening and cuddling with her dog, Roxy. 

  • Favorite color: Orange
  • Favorite book: Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett
  • Favorite TV show: Outlander and Blindspot
  • Favorite movies: Amadeus
  • Favorite band ever: · Eclectic tastes…in other words, all music!