Lisa Morgan

Project Manager

Lisa joins Shannon Leigh after managing her own graphic design firm.  Her background includes experience in event management, marketing, education and design.  She has worked in a variety of settings - from designing marketing collateral for home developers to helping businesses build their brand.  Lisa is an active member of SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design), as well as a member of AICCE (American Information Center for Color and Environment).


"Working with the team at Shannon Leigh is inspiring in that everyone aspires to the greatest level of integrity in their work, every day. I'm excited to be in a synergetic relationship with Shannon Leigh and our clients" 



  • Client Communication and Outreach

  • Brand Development, Graphic Design, and Color Consultation

  • Project Leadership

  • Marketing and Brand Expansion



Lisa enjoys kayaking, camping, and hiking in the Sierras with her husband, John, and spending time with her college-aged son, Charlie. She also enjoys painting, supporting arts and education at her local Waldorf School, and growing a kitchen garden. She and her husband live in the historic district of Placerville sharing their home with a gregarious cat, Minnie.

  • Favorite color: Periwinkle, vermilion, chartreuse

  • Favorite book: Sometimes a Great Notion, by Ken Kesey

  • Favorite TV show: The Office

  • Favorite movies: Tracks

  • Favorite music: Cello - The Bach Suites