Patti GloverSL team photo_final_18-0808.jpg

Design | Strategy

For 20 years, Patti has worked at examining and leveraging the guest and patient experience.  She has collaborated with clients, architects, and vendors to create touchpoints through branded environments.  Patti’s discerning eye and design sense has allowed her to work in diverse circles. Her design work has ranged from print collateral to signage design to master wayfinding, for clients in multiple industries:  technology, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, housing, and mixed use developments. Her projects include The Apple Store, Beverly Hills Hotel, Gilead Biosciences, Hewlett Packard, McDonalds, Stanford Healthcare, and Westfield Shopping Centres.

 “Bring a big heart and a seasoned design mind to team members and clients everyday. On every project.”


  • Visitor and guest experience analysis
  • Multi-faceted brand storytelling
  • Creative direction and design


Patti is perfecting her ability to balance work and her ongoing interests.

  • Favorite color: Pond Scum Green
  • Favorite book: Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner
  • Favorite TV show: Endeavour
  • Favorite movie: Dr. Zhivago
  • Favorite song: Her cat's purr