Senior Project Manager

After 20 years supporting projects at large organizations (Stanford and Oracle), Suzie is bringing her deep project management experience to Shannon Leigh.   Suzie believes that her focus on relationship building in the property management world will easily transition to the environmental graphic field.  She has extensive skills supporting medical and corporate campus construction, and thrives on digging into the details of complex, multi-facility projects. With a background in property management, general services management, and best practice implementation, she will be able to broaden Shannon Leigh’s ability to support our clients.  She is most proud of helping clients bring large projects to fruition and feels most accomplished when she is contributing to her client’s success.

Helping people find their way…it’s what I do in my personal and spiritual life, so it is very appropo that I’m doing this in my professional life as well.  It’s most important to build relationships with people…getting to know someone as an individual, not necessarily as their title or position.  These two things are what I focus on in everything I do.”


  • Multi-facility project management
  • Managing supplier and internal service and communication
  • Implementation of best business practices for customer service, quality work environments, and client expectations
  • Organizational development



You’d never expect that behind Suzie’s polished professional demeanor lies a chicken wrangler par excellence!  When not tending the 40 (!!) chickens in her backyard hen yard, Suzie can be found gardening vegetables and flowers or reading a good book.  As you get to know her, you find she’ll offer a quick smile and quicker wit.  Her bucket list includes traveling to every continent.

  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Favorite book: Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh
  • Favorite TV show: Outlander
  • Favorite · movie: Grease (yes, she can sing every word of the songs in it)
  • Favorite music: She is currently obsessed with reggae in all its variations