San Mateo, CA

College of San Mateo

New user-friendly signage and a district-wide standard for sign programs


College of San Mateo

Build Partner

Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems

Shannon Leigh was hired by San Mateo County Community College District to create new user-friendly signage and a district-wide standard for sign programs. The program included renaming the parking lots, parking lot pole signs and fee machine signage, and developing a naming and numbering program for all buildings. Compliance with the updated ADA and California Building Codes was a key focus in upgrading the campus signage and wayfinding.

A few amenities and buildings needed special treatment. The library and theater were highly visible to outside visitors and received marquee status with custom signs that matched the program, but gave special prominence to each venue. Special features were added to the Student Union to highlight the bookstore, cafeteria and learning resource centers.

As we worked with this client, we identified a need for a district-wide sign standard for the San Mateo County Community College District’s Facilities Department. The standards manual Shannon Leigh developed for the District is a crucial part of their ongoing operations to keep the program updated accurately and keep all departments on track.