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New user-friendly signage and a district-wide standard for sign programs


OLE Health

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After 40 years of providing health care in temporary clinics and leased buildings, OLE Health raised funds to build a new 30,000 square foot, three-story health clinic. The South Campus project contains medical, dental, optical, lab, pharmacy and conference services. The building is located on a small site surrounded by open wetlands, an existing residential care facility, and an existing parking lot.

Shannon Leigh began by surveying existing OLE clinics and meeting with organizational leaders to review OLE Health’s brand intentions, client needs, budgets, schedules and long term plans for this clinic and future expansion. Moreover, researching the diverse stakeholders in the health system, led to an informed approach for a comprehensive signage program that included project identification, wayfinding and code signage, programming for interior and exterior signage, and donor recognition with sensitivity to the rich cultural history of organization, its donors, and its clientele.