Lori Schafer

  • Controller

Lori became an accountant completely by accident. After nearly twenty years in the industry, she has stopped trying to explain to people why she enjoys it.

Lori earned a B.A. in Film Studies from U.C. Berkeley and an M.S. in Taxation from Cal State East Bay. She is an Enrolled Agent but prefers accounting to tax preparation, which doesn't stop people at parties from asking her for advice on preparing their taxes. She brings a wide variety of skills in financial, managerial, and tax accounting to Shannon Leigh and thinks of Excel as her closest friend.

Lori enjoys reading, writing, playing ice hockey, and drinking beer with her friends. She has driven cross-country nineteen times but has never been outside of North America, so you can probably guess what she'd like to do if she ever retires.

Designing and developing customized accounting systems to suit the needs of individual firms

Reconciling and maintaining multiple accounting systems to ensure that all of the figures match

Financial statement analysis, cash flow management, and tax planning

Taking an integrated approach to all aspects of accounting and considering the needs of owners and employees as well as the firm