Shannon Hackley

  • Wayfinding Strategy Partner


Shannon has sign making and design in her DNA, having learned the trade from the inside of a family-owned sign company. Shannon Leigh was started in the 1980s when Shannon was licensed as a C-45 signage fabricator. Shannon has provided the heart and drive as the company has transformed from fabrication to design. As principal, Shannon's fabrication know-how complements the creativity of her designers. She is a seasoned project manager who knows how to set realistic expectations for clients and their budgets. Shannon is the visionary who knits together stakeholders and sets the rudder for project success.

A UC Berkeley graduate with Bay Area roots, Shannon is addicted to volunteering, to her family and to her community. She has a passion for Rotary International, the SF Giants, her family, and a labra"w”oodle puppy named Sammy. Her favorite color is orange.

“I get excited about developing strategies to connect people to destinations in the built environment. I love construction, and designing messages and forms that inform and inspire."


Heathcare design and code expertise

Consensus building

Wayfinding analysis

Budgeting and schedule management