Production Designer 

Mike comes to Shannon Leigh with over 11 years of experience in the architectural design industry. With main focus in fabrication and design development, Mike has experience in both construction and graphic design. Knowing what it takes from initial concept to completion. Involved in a wide range of projects ranging from Fulton Avenue Gateway in Sacramento, Auburn Boulevard, The Village, 560 Mission, 680 Folsom Street, Stripe, LAX, Canyon Bridge, and Broadcom. Mike has a strong understanding that the fabrication process should be as creative as the design. He is a people person and believes that communication is essential to providing collaborative solutions for any project. 

One of my favorite quotes is actually from Rachel Kushner:
"I don't believe in the model of pure inspiration. All of my creative work stems from dialogue with others"


  • Architectural sign design
  • Design development and construction Intent drawings 
  • Fabrication techniques and materiality
  • Project coordination




The father of small children, Mike’s favorite thing is enjoying time with his family.  Mike is an avid outdoorsman, going on walks, bike riding, snowboarding, hiking, dirt biking, jetskiing, and kayaking. He is a “maker” - with hobbies that range from woodworking to sandblasting. His bucket list includes learning to weld. Oh, and his favorite cake?  Chocolate on chocolate.

  • Favorite color: Green
  • Favorite book: TBD (really...)
  • Favorite TV show: SOA and Treehouse Masters  
  • Favorite movie: Comedy (all kinds), Star Wars, and The Lord of the Rings
  • Favorite music: Alternative, Rock